Meet Our Team

“There is no sincerer love than the love of good food.” George Bernard Shaw

Every member of our team is an asset because they truly live and breathe food and love what they do.  It was Aristotle who said: “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” At Heyder & Shears we feel this exemplifies us as a team.  We each bring something different and of real value to the table.  When we get together to discuss your event needs everyone contributes their ideas and perspectives; and it all comes together beautifully.  Catering by design for each and every client.  Brilliant strategies and execution – every time.

Athan Mirmikidis, Managing Director

Athan is the proud owner of Heyder & Shears.  Backed by two decades of invaluable experience he shares his knowledge and passion for all things catering. Athan continually inspires his team to produce some of the best events ever staged in Perth. Leading by example as a “hands-on” event manager, he pushes the boundaries, consistently surpassing client expectation.

Jerome Durham, Executive Chef

Jerome is the ultimate food guru and has run the kitchen for over 12 years.  He is always ahead of the trends and his food knowledge is nothing short of amazing.  His upbringing saw a blend of cultures in Chinese, Burmese & Italian and this shines through in his exquisite cuisine. Coupled with his extensive training, Jerome has all the ingredients of a highly talented and passionate chef.

Alyn Morris, Sous Chef

This little peach has been at Heyder & Shears for most of his life, a highly creative, absolute gentleman; with a passion for the marriage of quality and presentation. Starting his career within these four walls, he has grown with the company developing into a truly remarkable Chef since completing his apprenticeship. Alyn has explored other kitchen’s yet he finds that he is more perfectly suited to being a part of the furniture at Heyders, where he calls home. You can be assured that every dish that leaves the kitchen when Alyn is in charge is simply beautiful, as he comes up with new ways to present dishes, experimenting with his imagination.

Dave Perry, Operations Manager

Dave is like a Boomerang, I suppose it’s one of the most wonderful things about the company – staff are encouraged to fulfil their travel dreams or career aspirations but 9/10, they find themselves coming back to the family. It’s great! Dave is a very well-travelled and highly organised manager, he has managed the operations department on and off for the past 3 years. His calm temperament in the most high pressure situations is truly magnificent and is sometimes just what is needed. When he’s not managing our operations department he’s gallivanting around the world, he seriously has the work-life balance sussed!

 Indi Harwood, EA to the MD

The role of EA was created for Indi as we were positive that we needed her in the team. Her time management, event coordination and organisational skills keep Athan in check as she calmly orchestrates his work calendar guiding him to conquer. For the rest of the team, Indi channels lines of questioning and facilitates positive self-management. Her wealth of experience in the structured corporate world has enabled her to bring to the team some order in the office. She teaches her colleagues through encouragement and subtle management which is an exceptional skill to possess. A true asset to our team, she focuses inwardly on the team even though her core priority is to assist Athan in all aspects of the business.

Lauren Rhodes, Marketing & Event Manager

Lauren’s strength is precision and pursuit of perfection.  As a caterer, stylist and event manager she can visualize exactly what the client wants and turns dreams into reality at the drop of a hat. Lauren is passionate about aesthetics, from venue and décor to colours, tastes and textures – and she pulls it all together like a symphony.

Dominique Kalathas, Event Coordinator

Dominique is the greatest. She is highly organised, an absolute delight with the most admirable temperament. After heading back to Holland on maternity leave for a year, the Heyder’s team are thrilled to welcome our favourite Dutchie back. Now back at her real home Dominique has re-joined the team as an Event Coordinator. Having dipped her feet in most departments at Heyder & Shears she is broadly experienced and definitely has that passion for food, reflected through the beautiful menus that she pieces together.

 Morgan Preece, Event Coordinator

Morgan is a vibrant and highly organized team player who is conceptually savvy and has a love of good food. She creates delicious menus and rocking great events.  Her significant events experience and sheer love of what she does is integral to what we do. Morgan is known for taking things next level!

 Alice Taylor, Event Coordinator

Alice has quite clearly demonstrated that she was the missing piece to our office jigsaw puzzle. Alice has quickly adapted to the Heyder & Shears team in a multi-disciplined capacity, beginning as a casual front of house staff member she quickly progressed to managing functions and quicker than a flash was coordinating events of her own. All clients love Alice, she is smiley, bubbly and kind and fills everyone with confidence. Alice efficiently looks after a number of our corporate accounts, which is exactly what is required for our clients who often have tight deadlines. Alice is excellent at developing a close relationship with private clients to help them evolve their ideas and vision into a reality – this evolution takes skill and patience and she graciously exerts both.

 Fleur Cornish, Sales & Event Manager

Fleur has been with Heyder & Shears for 7 years. In 2015 she took a timeout to have a baby and we are blessed to have her back on the team. She is a problem solver with a highly admirable work ethic, her understanding of catering and events is incredibly deep and she shares her 15 years of wisdom in the industry with the team on a daily basis. With a precise attention to detail and delicate temperament, Fleur’s influence throughout the team is the perfect demonstration of leading by example. Fleur is an excellent role model for everyone at Heyder & Shears, passing on her good habits as she coaches the team to produce excellent outcomes.

Sarah Tardrew, F & B Venue Manager for Perth Concert Hall

Energetic and dynamic, Sarah is our superstar venue operations manager.  Applying her vast experience to provide the highest standard of service at the Perth Concert Hall, Sarah is an avid foodie with great wine knowledge to boot.  Whether developing menus, enhancing the venue or liaising with corporate clients, Sarah knows her stuff.